Envisioning a Brighter Future: Envision Your Future’s Digital Transformation

Founded in 2005, Envision Your Future (EYF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Dr. Patty O’Sullivan’s innovative strategies and workshops strengthen the self-reliance of young people, facilitating sincere engagements that assist in navigating the complexities of their everyday challenges.


The Challenge

EYF sought to elevate its digital presence to amplify its mission and reach a broader audience. The goal was to create an engaging online platform that could effectively communicate its methodologies, showcase its programs, and provide resources for educators and parents. The challenge also included the need for strategic digital marketing to extend its impact and engage with today’s digitally connected students.

Our Solution

Outcome Engine, guided by Kanani Voegeli’s leadership, joined forces with EYF for a digital overhaul to revitalize EYF’s digital presence. This partnership concentrated on refining EYF’s brand identity, broadening its impact, and ensuring the organization is set up to transition smoothly as changes rapidly occur in education.

Envision Your Future - Mobile & Angled

Tools and Methodology


Created a dynamic, user-friendly WordPress website that serves as the central hub for EYF’s resources, programs, and workshops.

AI Consulting

Provide training on utilizing artificial intelligence to streamline their workflow and expand their capabilities.

Digital Marketing

Implemented strategic digital marketing campaigns to promote EYF’s programs and maximize outreach to the target audience, including educators, parents, and youth.

Brand Identity Enhancement

Worked closely with Dr. Patty and her co-founder Sam to refine EYF’s brand identity, ensuring it resonates with both Gen Z and the Alpha Generation.


The collaboration led to a significant digital transformation for Envision Your Future. The new website and digital marketing strategies have increased EYF’s visibility, engaging more educators, parents, and youth in meaningful ways. This has helped broaden their reach and made EYF’s resources more accessible and relevant in today’s digital age.

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