About Outcome Engine

Welcome to Outcome Engine – Where Technology and Integrity Power Growth

Here at Outcome Engine, we're a majority women-owned team of seasoned entrepreneurs who are all about making technology work for you, not against you. Our roots are in practicality and integrity, and we're on a mission to help businesses take flight.

What sets us apart? It's simple: we put people and creativity at the forefront of everything we do. Our holistic approach is about more than just technology; we create strategies that include the best tech, the smartest planning, and the brightest minds to help your business flourish.

Our foundation is built on trust, integrity, and the courage to innovate. We solve today's challenges while keeping an eye on the future, crafting solutions that we and our clients are proud of.

We embrace servant leadership, fostering an environment where creativity thrives, learning is ongoing, and making a difference is part of the daily routine. We collaborate hand-in-hand with our clients, developing customized solutions to meet both their needs and the needs of their customers. 

So, why join us on this journey? Because at Outcome Engine, we believe that technology serves humanity, collaboration is our cornerstone, and every day is an opportunity to do work that matters, with people who truly matter.

At Outcome Engine, your business's potential is transformed into a growth engine, and your path to success is powered by integrity, innovation, technology, and a little bit of magic.

Meet the team


Mireya Herrera

Co-Founder & Operational Strategist

Mireya is a strategic tech leader, with an MBA and 12+ years in operations and product development across startups, nonprofits, and government.

Kanani Voegeli, Co-Founder and Growth Strategist

Kanani Voegeli

Co-Founder & Growth Strategist

Kanani is a serial entrepreneur with a BS in Technology and Entrepreneurial Management, and has founded and run multiple SaaS companies.


Nick Voegeli

Technical Strategist

Nick is a seasoned leader in technology across a wide range of industries, with a proven record of success in scaling tech startups.