Nick Voegeli

Technical Strategist

Nick Voegeli is a seasoned leader in technology across a wide range of industries. His career began in semiconductor manufacturing engineering at Microchip Technology, where error reduction software he personally wrote has been in continuous use for over 15 years and remains in use to this day, having processed over $15 billion in semiconductors with no bugs or issues.

Later, as Chief Technology Officer of Suited Connector, LLC, a mortgage marketing firm in Colorado, his team of domestic and international developers wrote and maintained software that allowed the firm to run over 1200 concurrent marketing websites simultaneously. This software  enabled industry-leading site construction and deployment timelines for high-performance marketing sites, supporting growth of company annual revenue from less than $200k to over $10 million over only 5 years.

As Chief Technology Officer of Learning Ovations, Inc, Nick wrote software to commercialize transformative early childhood literacy research. He then built a digital product development team to scale the initial product into a full-fledged suite of educational solutions spanning home, summer school, after school, and classroom use, improving reading rates for over 40,000 K-3 students by historically unprecedented levels. After a tenure of 8 years, he led technical due diligence for a successful acquisition by Scholastic, Inc.

At Outcome Engine, Nick brings his passion and expertise with constructive and supportive company culture, team leadership, and software architecture to help guide technical strategy for the business and its clients.