Empowering ProcurementCon’s Nationwide Events with Digital Solutions


ProcurementCon, a leader in organizing premier government contracting and small business development events, sought to enhance its digital presence to serve its expansive and diverse audience better. With events spanning Federal, State, and county levels, alongside small business showcases and expos, the need for a unified yet flexible digital platform was paramount.

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The Challenge

ProcurementCon’s challenge was multifaceted: to create a digital platform capable of hosting multiple event-specific mini-sites under a single master brand. The solution required flexibility to launch new event sites quickly, seamless CRM integration for efficient management, and robust digital marketing capabilities to engage a nationwide audience.


Our Solution

Outcome Engine developed a comprehensive WordPress site for ProcurementCon, tailored to accommodate the unique needs of their varied events. Our approach included:

  • Unified Platform with Mini-Sites: A master WordPress site that houses individual mini-sites for each event, ensuring brand consistency while allowing each event to express its unique identity.
  • Website Templates: Event templates were designed for rapid deployment of new event mini-sites, ensuring each event could have a dedicated digital space with minimal setup time.
  • CRM Integration: Seamless integration with ProcurementCon’s CRM system to streamline attendee management, registration, and communication.
  • Email Marketing and Digital Campaign Management: We provide ProcurementCon with strategic digital marketing services to promote events, including email campaigns tailored to each event’s target audience.

Tools and Methodology


For its flexibility in managing content and its ability to support the creation of multiple mini-sites within a single domain.


Custom Templates

Developed specifically for ProcurementCon to ensure brand consistency and user-friendly navigation across all event mini-sites.


MailChimp and BeeHiiv CRMs

ProcurementCon started with MailChimp, and Outcome Engine later migrated their contacts and data to BeeHiive for improved monetization opportunities. Both systems have efficiently managed attendee data, enhancing the registration process and participant engagement.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Employed to execute targeted marketing campaigns, driving event awareness and participation



The new digital platform has transformed the way ProcurementCon connects with its audience, providing a cohesive online experience across all events. The ability to quickly launch mini-sites for new events has significantly reduced preparation times, while CRM and email marketing integrations have streamlined attendee management and engagement. The solution not only supports ProcurementCon’s goal of fostering small business development and government contracting opportunities but also amplifies its reach and impact nationwide.

ProcurementCon now boasts a digital ecosystem that mirrors the dynamic, resource-rich nature of its events. This enhances the organization's mission to build lasting relationships among attendees, partners, and contributors. Through Outcome Engine’s tailored digital solutions, ProcurementCon has strengthened its position as a pivotal connector in the small business and government contracting sectors.

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