Enhancing Leslie McGuirk’s Digital Presence and Revenue

Leslie McGuirk, an author, and astrologer, engaged the team at Outcome Engine for a digital makeover. Aiming to refresh her website, enable online astrology reading bookings, and launch the Astrology Wisdom Academy with online courses, Leslie sought a robust digital presence to match her professional offerings.


The Challenge

Leslie’s primary needs were multifaceted: develop a website for easy online booking of astrology readings, integrate a system for her Astrology Wisdom Academy online courses, and craft a digital marketing strategy to widen her audience and increase revenue.

Our Solution

Outcome Engine’s comprehensive solution revitalized LeslieMcGuirk.com with a website redesign, Kajabi’s LMS integration for her online courses, and an aggressive digital marketing strategy. Highlights of our approach included:

  • Website Redesign and Booking Integration: A revamped website improved user experience and streamlined the booking processes for astrology readings.
  • Online Course Development: We collaborated with Leslie to launch the Astrology Wisdom Academy on Kajabi, enhancing Leslie’s educational outreach and revenue.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: We utilized social media, SEO, and targeted advertising to amplify Leslie’s reach and significantly grow her audience.
Lesllie McGuirk - Mobile & Angled

Tools and Methodology

WordPress and Kajabi

For website redevelopment and online course management.

Digital Marketing

A blend of social media marketing, SEO, and ad campaigns to boost visibility and engagement.


Our interventions led to Leslie increasing her astrology reading rates by 400%, expanding her educational content through the Astrology Wisdom Academy, and substantially growing her audience. These efforts laid a solid groundwork for her continued success and audience expansion.

Outcome Engine's strategic digital revamp and marketing initiatives propelled Leslie McGuirk’s astrology and educational services to new heights, achieving her goals and surpassing expectations in client growth and revenue.

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