Extra Credit Show’s Website and CRM Integration

The Extra Credit Show is a non-profit organization with a podcast and online talk show that highlights excellence in our education system. They spotlight educators and innovators who can teach us how to connect powerfully with the rising generation. As a compliment, Teachers Have Class is a crowdfunding platform for a teacher's day-to-day needs in the classroom.


The Challenge

The Extra Credit Show had clear objectives: to launch a non-profit website, foster a community where educators could find financial backing, and implement a custom CRM system that’s specific to their operational needs.

Our Solution

Outcome Engine created a custom CRM for the Extra Credit Show, designed to streamline the process of receiving and allocating donations directly to teacher classrooms. The system allows for accurate donation record-keeping, automated donor receipt generation, effective fund distributions to educators, and the creation of detailed monthly and annual reporting for the nonprofit.

In parallel, the team at Outcome Engine developed a WordPress website tailored to the organization’s brand and functional requirements. The website features a crowdfunding platform that empowers teachers to seek financial support for their classrooms’ daily operational needs.


Tools and Methodology

Custom CRM System: Designed to manage donations, including tracking specific classroom contributions and generating donor receipts.

WordPress Website: A tailored site that reflects the Extra Credit Show's brand and meets user functionality expectations.

Crowdfunding Platform: Integrated within the website to allow teachers to initiate and promote funding campaigns for classroom necessities.

CRM and Website Integration: Enables efficient management of donor and classroom funding data by staff and volunteers.

Amazon AWS: Leveraged for hosting and ensuring reliable website performance and scalability.


The collaboration resulted in a fully functional WordPress website aligned with the organization's brand and user requirements. The crowdfunding platform effectively enabled teachers to seek and obtain support from their communities. Moreover, the seamless integration of the website with the newly developed CRM empowered the staff and volunteers at the Extra Credit Show to manage donations and support with greater efficiency, marking a successful partnership in supporting educational initiatives.

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