RevOps & Leadership Inspiration During Women’s History Month

Strategic Leadership in STEM During Women's History Month with Kanani Voegeli

Spotlighting Kanani Voegeli’s Strategic Leadership in STEM during Women’s History Month

This Women’s History Month, we focus on acknowledging the remarkable women who lead at the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship. Among them is Kanani Voegeli, Co-Founder & Growth Strategist at Outcome Engine, whose achievements exemplify the qualities of strategic leadership in STEM. Kanani brings a wealth of experience and a multifaceted skill set to the table. With a Bachelor of Science in Technology and Entrepreneurial Management, her career is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and leadership. Join us in celebrating the pivotal role of women in leadership in shaping the future of the tech industry.

Kanani and her doggie - Celebrate Women's History Month with our Marketing Specialists Insights on Strategic Leadership, Inbound Marketing, and Women in STEM

Kanani shared her journey in the tech industry, going beyond the typical recap of her professional milestones, sharing a deeply personal narrative that spans her initial forays into entrepreneurship to the pivotal role she plays today at Outcome Engine. Recognized as a serial entrepreneur, Kanani has been at the helm of founding and managing multiple SaaS companies, leaving a significant mark in areas ranging from business strategy and leadership to digital marketing, UX/UI design, content strategy, and Revenue Operations (RevOps).

Overcoming Challenges and Driving Innovation: Kanani’s Personal and Professional Journey

Beyond her impressive career achievements, Kanani’s story is also about the challenges she faced, the lessons learned, and the impact she aims to create through her work. From starting her first business endeavors at a young age to navigating the complex world of EdTech and entrepreneurship, her journey underscores the importance of creating meaningful experiences and building authentic connections with people using technology and business.

Championing Change: Kanani is an Advocate for Women’s Role in Tech

Amid Women’s History Month, Kanani’s advocacy for women in technology shines brightly. She champions the cause for greater female representation and leadership within the tech industry, recognizing the unique challenges that women face and the invaluable perspectives they offer. In doing so, Kanani Voegeli not only paves the way for future generations of women in STEM but also calls for societal shifts to embrace and leverage the diversity of thought and experience that women bring to the forefront of innovation.

Join us as we delve into Kanani Voegeli’s inspiring journey, exploring her entrepreneurial beginnings, her impactful ventures, and her unwavering commitment to fostering a more inclusive and dynamic tech industry.

Early Ventures and Overcoming Setbacks

The Spark of Kanani Voegeli’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Kanani Voegeli’s path to becoming a Co-founder and Growth Strategist at Outcome Engine started at a very young age. From an early age, she envisioned creating businesses that were about bringing smiles to faces, and sparking a sense of joy and wonder in her customers. She often skipped play to capitalize on business opportunities, rallying her friends to offer neighborhood services like pulling weeds and car washes. At twelve Kanani began her first business, employing her friends to offer door-to-door services in her community. 

Overcoming Obstacles: Kanani’s Educational Journey

However, Kanani’s journey to where she is today wasn’t paved with just successes. At 16, she encountered a significant setback when she learned that her charter school wasn’t accredited. Feeling this blow to her educational trajectory and realizing that it would take her several additional years to catch up left her incredibly frustrated. Compounded by harsh bullying after being outed as a member of the LGBTQ community, she chose to drop out of high school and began waiting tables. This period could have been the end of Kanani’s ambitions, yet over the years it became a driver to improve education at a system level.

A Passion for Education: Kanani’s Non-Profit Work and Political Efforts

Kanani began working for a non-profit organization that aimed to improve education at the state level. She began working towards her associate degree and rekindled her passion for learning. It was during this time that Kanani’s commitment to broader societal impacts began to crystalize, especially within the realm of education. She was quickly promoted to a leadership position and spent years building relationships with schools and parents, building technology and tools to support the organization’s growth, and began lobbying at a state level for change. 

This dedication later propelled her into the political arena, driven by a desire to effect educational reform. Kanani ran for the Arizona State House of Representatives at 24, and while her election didn’t end with a victory, she feels it was a critical part of her growth. She found that the compromises necessary to become a successful politician were too great and would not be an effective avenue toward making the changes in education that she wanted to see.  

Kanani’s entrepreneurial beginnings and the challenges she faced are a reminder of the resilience required to navigate life’s unexpected turns. They highlight a journey marked by a relentless pursuit of passions and a constant search for meaningful ways to make a difference. Her story is a testament to the idea that setbacks can lead to new paths and that early ventures, no matter how small, can lay the groundwork for future achievements.

Bridging Technology and Education: Kanani’s Contributions in EdTech at Learning Ovations, Inc.

Having spent a dozen years in the non-profit sector, Kanani decided to take a new approach to improving education. Building on her passion for entrepreneurship, technology, and education reform she joined a startup that was commercializing research-based EdTech software that individualized early literacy education in the classroom. At Learning Ovations, Inc., Kanani was the first employee, serving as their foundational Marketing Director, placing her at the cutting edge of integrating technology with education to enhance learning outcomes.

In her tenure at Learning Ovations, Kanani was instrumental in crafting and executing strategies across marketing, sales, and grant acquisition. Her work went beyond the traditional scope of marketing; she developed community initiatives nationwide, wrote winning grants across both private foundations and government agencies which secured essential funding and strategic partnerships, lobbied for education reform in multiple states, developed the sales and marketing strategy for the company, and helped to develop new products based on user research.  Her early work was essential in getting the company through the critical first three years that are so challenging for any startup. Yet these sacrifices were well worth it in helping the company strive towards its mission of getting all children reading at grade level by the end of third grade. 

The Journey of Learning Ovations from the Ground Floor to Scholastic’s Acquisition

Kanani’s foundational work for Learning Ovations later culminated in the company’s acquisition by Scholastic, Inc. in 2022. This milestone was a testament to the company’s transformative potential of its educational technology solutions. More than a business achievement, the acquisition validated the importance of integrating innovative technology with research-driven educational practices.

Kanani’s journey with Learning Ovations highlights her commitment to using technology as a tool to enhance educational experiences and outcomes. It showcases her strategic foresight, her ability to navigate the intricacies of the EdTech, technology, and education sectors, and her drive to effect substantial change. Her contributions to the company’s growth and its recognition by an industry leader like Scholastic, Inc. showcase her passion for using technology to create meaningful change in people’s lives.

Empowering Small Businesses with Responsive Web Design Services

Following her time at Learning Ovations, Kanani continued her entrepreneurial journey by founding FruitStand Technology. The company aimed to offer “that friendly neighborhood fruit stand feeling” to small enterprises, offering them the tools and services needed to establish a robust online presence. Kanani loved the opportunity to contribute to the economic vitality of small businesses and to make technology approachable to business owners. She built a team of developers and designers from across the globe, implementing a 24-hour development cycle by coordinating global resources to reduce project completion times dramatically. 

Beyond Business: The Human Impact of FruitStand Technology

Kanani’s experience at her developer Sheldon’s wedding stands as a testament to the far-reaching effects that entrepreneurship can have on individual lives. The joy and fulfillment derived from knowing that her business venture had such a significant impact on someone’s life underscored the deeper purpose behind Kanani’s entrepreneurial pursuits. Through this endeavor, Kanani has showcased the potential of businesses to effect change, uplift communities, and touch lives in the most unexpected and meaningful ways.

Leveraging Inbound Marketing and RevOps for Business Growth

Following the difficult closure of FruitStand Technology due to the pandemic’s economic impact, Kanani Voegeli found herself at a crossroads, contemplating her next steps in a world that had abruptly changed. After a few years to regroup, the establishment of her next venture, Outcome Engine, marked an exciting return to her entrepreneurial roots. Her next chapter is enriched by the valuable lessons learned through her previous experiences and is driven by an undiminished passion for making a meaningful difference with technology to improve people’s lives.

Outcome Engine was built upon Kanani’s philosophies on growth strategy. Central to this approach is the commitment to data-driven decisions, a deep understanding of customer needs, and the creation of customer experiences that truly resonate with them. Kanani and her co-founders, Mireya Herrera and Nick Voegeli, have positioned Outcome Engine to offer a spectrum of business growth services aimed at kickstarting or expanding business operations in today’s competitive landscape. 

Her expertise shines in designing and automating tailored user experiences, embodying inbound marketing principles, and harnessing the power of RevOps. These strategies are both growth levers and essential components in building sustainable business models, focused on fostering lasting customer relationships. 

The Critical Role of Women in Shaping the Future of Technology

Throughout her interview, Kanani Voegeli highlighted a theme central to her personal journey as well as a broader narrative across the tech industry: the critical need for increased female representation and leadership. In a field historically dominated by men, Kanani’s voice joins a chorus of advocates calling for a seismic shift toward inclusivity and diversity.

Kanani’s insights into the challenges women face in tech shed light on systemic barriers, from unconscious biases to the lack of mentorship opportunities, that hinder female professionals’ progress. Yet, her message is not one of obstacles, but of untapped potential. She passionately argues for the unique value women bring to technology—a value rooted in diverse perspectives, innovative problem-solving, and a human-centered holistic approach to product and service development.

The Untapped Potential: Why Tech Needs More Female Leaders

Women in STEM fields, as Kanani notes, are not just participants; they are indispensable drivers of innovation and growth. By sharing her experiences and the lessons learned on her path, Kanani underscores the importance of education and continuous learning—not just in technical skills but in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among women aspiring to careers in tech. She champions initiatives that empower women to take bold steps into entrepreneurship, leadership, and technological innovation.

Kanani’s perspective on the impact of technology on society underscores her belief in tech as a force for good—a force that can only reach its full potential when it reflects the diversity of the world it serves. Her advocacy for women in tech is a reminder that the path toward a more equitable tech industry requires persistent effort and a commitment to change from individuals and organizations alike.

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

The journey of Kanani Voegeli offers an inspiring glimpse into the life of an individual who has navigated the complexities of the tech industry with resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Her story is not just one of personal success; it is a blueprint for what the future of technology can look like when it is driven by diversity, empathy, and a deep understanding of the human experience. 

Her narrative underscores the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit in driving technological advancements and the critical role of education in preparing for the challenges of the future. Kanani provides us with a reminder of the power of perseverance, the value of connecting on a human level, and the necessity of fostering an environment where diverse talents can thrive and everyone has a seat at the table.