Streamlining Mortgage Lead Generation


About the Project

Suited Connector, LLC markets mortgage products for major loan providers. Their platform allows users to sign up and receive competitive offers from multiple providers, resulting in better deals and quick service. Initially, the company managed 13 separate codebases for similar functions, which made scaling and maintenance difficult. They needed a unified, scalable solution to streamline operations and support rapid growth.

The Challenge

Developing a robust platform for Suited Connector involved addressing several challenges:

Unified Codebase

Consolidating 13 nearly identical codebases into a single, manageable system to simplify maintenance and scaling.

Rapid Deployment

Enabling quick launch of new sites to respond to market shifts and opportunities, crucial in the fast-paced financial lead generation market.

Performance and Security

Ensuring landing pages load in under 0.5 seconds, providing intuitive usability, and protecting against cyberattacks.

Compliance and Intelligence

Adhering to privacy standards and effectively managing user subscription preferences, while discerning user interest levels accurately.

Tools and Methodology

To address these challenges, our team implemented a strategic approach:

Unified Development with JavaScript and CakePHP

Simplified maintenance and scaling by consolidating the functionality into a single platform using JavaScript for the frontend and CakePHP for the backend.

Scalable Hosting with Amazon S3 and CloudFront

Ensured rapid and reliable deployment across multiple sites with scalable hosting solutions.

Efficient Data Management with GraphQL

Used GraphQL to fetch only necessary data, minimizing load and ensuring fast, relevant information.

Optimized Search with PostgreSQL and Custom Compression

Delivered fast, accurate search results and allowed the app to store large data sets efficiently on the user's device, ensuring quick access and offline functionality.


Significant Growth

The platform supported Suited Connector's expansion from a small operation with annual revenue under $250,000 to a large company generating over $15 million annually and employing 600 people globally.

Enhanced Speed and Scalability

Managed over 1,500 sites simultaneously, each performing efficiently, supporting rapid scaling and market responsiveness.

Technological Leadership

Suited Connector's platform became so effective that competitors contracted them to build and host their websites, recognizing their superior technological capabilities.

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