Covid-19 Funding Resource Center

Case Study: Enhancing Resource Accessibility for New Mexico’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts

In response to the urgent need for a centralized information hub during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NM COVID-19 Funding Resource Center was established. This initiative, led by Pivotal New Mexico, The Grant Plant, and 501(C)PA, aimed to streamline the process for New Mexico’s organizations and agencies to find and apply for local, state, and national grants. The project’s goal was to facilitate recovery and relief efforts throughout the state by making it easier for nonprofits to access critical funding resources.


The Challenge

The primary challenge was to create a user-friendly website that could serve as a comprehensive resource for nonprofits and organizations seeking funding opportunities for pandemic relief efforts. The site needed to be intuitive, easily navigable, and capable of presenting each partner in an accessible manner. Additionally, it was crucial to incorporate features that allowed for real-time updates and communication with the website’s audience.

Our Solution

A WordPress site was developed using Beaver Builder, which was chosen for its flexibility and ease of use. This platform enabled the creation of a streamlined, easy-to-navigate website that could be quickly updated with new information as needed.

Covid Resource Center Case Study

Tools and Methodology

WordPress and Beaver Builder

The combination of WordPress as a content management system and Beaver Builder for page building offered the needed flexibility and ease of design. This choice allowed for the rapid deployment of a responsive and accessible website.

Real-Time Facebook Feed

Incorporating a live Facebook feed directly on the website ensured that users had access to the most current information, making the site a dynamic resource for visitors.

Multi-Organization MailChimp Integration

By integrating MailChimp, the site enabled effective email communication across multiple organizations, facilitating the distribution of critical funding information and updates.


By providing a singular, accessible platform for funding opportunities, the NM COVID-19 Funding Resource website streamlined the process for organizations to find and apply for grants, enhancing recovery and relief efforts. The website became a resource for New Mexico’s nonprofits and agencies, aiding in the state’s ongoing pandemic response.

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