Case Study: Elevating Up$tart’s Outreach Through Their Digital Presence


The Challenge

The core issue Up$tart faced was a lack of awareness and engagement from their target demographic. They needed a marketing tool that highlighted the benefits of their software and made it easy for educational institutions and students to discover and understand the value it could bring to their financial aid processes.

Our Solution

Outcome Engine responded by designing and deploying a WordPress-based brochure site tailored to Up$tart’s needs. Our strategy focused on three main components:

  • Content Strategy: Developed clear and compelling content that effectively communicated the benefits of Up$tart’s software and its impact on financial aid accessibility.
  • Engagement Tools: Incorporated subscription forms and social media links to foster community engagement, allowing Up$tart to build a following and engage directly with potential users.
  • Simplification and Accessibility: Ensuring the site was easy to navigate and access, making information about the software and its advantages readily available to visitors.
Covid Resource Center Case Study

Tools and Methodology

WordPress and Beaver Builder

The combination of WordPress as a content management system and Beaver Builder for page building offered the needed flexibility and ease of design. This choice allowed for the rapid deployment of a responsive and accessible website.

Real-Time Facebook Feed

Incorporating a live Facebook feed directly on the website ensured that users had access to the most current information, making the site a dynamic resource for visitors.

Multi-Organization MailChimp Integration

By integrating MailChimp, the site enabled effective email communication across multiple organizations, facilitating the distribution of critical funding information and updates.


The brochure site became an excellent marketing tool for Up$tart, significantly enhancing their online presence and outreach capabilities. By simplifying the message and making their innovative financial aid software more discoverable, the site aided the company in increasing awareness among target audiences, including educational institutions and low-income students. The enhanced digital presence supported Up$tart’s mission to streamline financial aid applications, contributing to greater visibility and user engagement.

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